Nthabeleng Mofokeng gets a boost when Fund Kids Like Succuss paid her a surprise visit

She is a 21-year-old orphan in the Vaal area and struggles to buy food and go to college, but with the help of UMEH Group through their (Fund Kids Like Success) campaign, she is now happy.

According to Sibongile Majova who is the head of South African edition of the Fund Kids Like Success campaign which runs throughout the continent, their mission is to bring a smile to the girls that are struggling to make ends meet.

“Look, we found out about her last month after she contacted our office. Her letter caught the attention of our boss and CEO (Xolane Ndhlovu) who then handed the matter to us. She’s a girl that stays alone in Orange Farm and studying in Vanderbijlpark doing her final year in (Sedibeng) College,” Sibongile told MLM Magazine.

“She used to get food from a local church, but we discovered she no longer gets food and that is why she contacted us,” added Majova.

Majova said they heeded the call and visited Mofokeng on the Easter Friday to give her grocery, toiletries such as the sanitary towels for a year and a sum of R1000.00 for transport to school.

“However, we also found out her door doesn’t have a padlock, we will go and get her a security lock. On top of that, we will give her a monthly allowance of R1000.00 for 12 months. As a stay alone girl, my stress is, we heard that people take advantage of child-headed households, the aim is to get a title deed and ensure the house is properly registered under her name,” she said.

Nthabeleng Mofokeng with the groceries she received from Fund Kids Like Success team

“According to what we know, the house belongs to her aunt and people in the area might take advantage and she may end up becoming homeless. So the plan is to register it and move her to a place next to school in Sebokeng, that way she can rent it out and have some income because it’s not safe for her in that area,” pledged the organizer.

Moreover, this website has also gathered that Mofokeng will receive a fridge from the foundation to store her groceries, with Majova adding that the girl was delighted.

“She was happy and thanked us, she showed appreciation and that is pleasing to us. You know it hurts to see someone on the verge of giving up and losing hope. We just want to help her beyond buying food or giving her money. We want to help her with school work, basically be part of her life until she gets a decent job,” continued Majova.

“It was very heart-warming to see her smile, we can be happy as well that we managed to bring a smile on her face. We also call on the media to help spread the word and ensure more girls do get the assistance they need and we will do our best whenever we can,” she pleaded.

Nthabeleng’s New Fridge

“People can join the campaign by following the hashtag #FundKidsLikeSuccess on Instagram and help keep our kids in school, I can tell you that small donation will change a life in a big way; not to us but to any needy family,” concluded Majova

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